Terms and Conditions

Payments, Deposits and Refunds


Deposits are non-refundable if the Buyer backs out of a deal. Deposits on animals must be at least 20% unless otherwise agreed upon.


To hold an animal for up to one week a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. To hold an animal longer than a week and up to one month, we require the animal to be paid in full. During this period, if the Buyer cancels their order, no refund on the animal can be given. The Buyer will receive shipping costs back if they have been paid. Payment plans are agreed upon by Wicked Mutations and the Buyer at the time of the sale.


If the Buyer is unhappy with an animal despite the animal being healthy and the correct animal purchased, the Buyer is welcome to send the animal back to us however there will be no refund given.


If the animal must be sent back because it was the wrong animal purchased, misrepresented, or unhealthy, the Buyer must let Wicked Mutations know right away. If this is the case, Wicked Mutations will arrange shipping back and the customer will be reimbursed upon arrival of the animal.


Animal Attributes


Wicked Mutations guarantees that the animal being delivered is exactly the one represented in the ad, unless otherwise stipulated in the ad with the use of an official Representative Photo.


Claim Period is 30 minutes after arrival and Return Period is 1 week.


The sex of all animals cannot be guaranteed unless otherwise stated in the ad.

Temperature-sexed offspring are not guaranteed.


Animal Health


Wicked Mutations guarantees the animal will be shipped out in a healthy state and shipped according to all FedEx rules and regulations. 

Wicked Mutations is responsible for shipping delays and mishaps (which should be rare with good shipping practices and offset with shipping insurance) except for those caused by the buyer (e.g., wrong address given, door not answered when delivery is attempted, etc.).


If an animal dies or is lost due to Wicked Mutations negligence in shipping then Wicked Mutations is responsible for a full refund. 

If the animal is substantially sick or injured as proven by the Buyer (with photos and videos, as needed) then Wicked Mutations is responsible for FRR.

Claim Period is 30 minutes and Return Period is 1 week.


Wicked Mutations is not responsible for animal temperament.